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Wrap Technologies is focused on developing and providing innovative non-lethal policing technologies aimed at improving law enforcement practices and public safety. Our primary focus is to reduce the use of more forceful and potentially harmful methods while ensuring the safety of both officers and individuals involved in encounters with law enforcement.


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Wrap Technologies is a global leader in innovative public safety technologies and services.

Wrap Technologies, Inc. specializes in innovative law enforcement technology solutions. Best known for our flagship solution, BolaWrap, a non-lethal restraint device designed to assist law enforcement officers in safely restraining individuals in crisis situations, Wrap Technologies aims to provide law enforcement agencies with holistic solutions including VR training and body worn cameras and digital evidence management that help de-escalate situations, reduce the risk of injury to both officers and subjects, and promote safer interactions in the field.

BolaWrap® encompasses an innovative and patented hand-held remote restraint solution, strategically engineered with Wrap’s no-harm guiding principle to proactively deter escalation by deploying a Kevlar® tether that safely restrains individuals from a distance. Combined with BolaWrap® training, certified by the esteemed International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST), Wrap enables officers from over 1000 agencies across the US and 60 countries around the world, with the expertise to effectively use BolaWrap® as an early intervention measure, mitigating potential risks and injuries, averting tragic outcomes.

Wrap Reality™, our advanced virtual reality training system, is a fully immersive training simulator and comprehensive public safety training platform equips first responders with the discipline and practice to prevent escalation, de-escalate conflicts, and apply appropriate tactical use-of-force measures to better perform in the field. By offering a growing range of real-life scenarios, Wrap Reality™ addresses the dynamic nature of modern law enforcement situations for positive public safety outcomes.

Wrap Intrensic is a comprehensive, secure and efficient body worn camera and evidence collection and management solution designed with innovative technology to quickly capture, safely handle, securely store, and seamlessly track evidence, all while maintaining full transparency throughout the process. With meticulous consolidation and professional management of evidence, confidence in law enforcement and the justice system soars, fostering trust and reliability in court outcomes. Wrap Intrensic’s efficient system streamlines the entire process seamlessly, empowering all public safety providers to focus on what matters. Expediting justice with integrity.

Non-lethal solutions for police Non-lethal solutions for police

Enhance law enforcement-community relationships

Only in a world where individuals have unwavering trust and confidence in public safety agencies to safeguard their personal safety and well-being can there be a sense of security and peace within communities.

“Wrap Technologies bridges the gap between law enforcement and the community, weaving a tapestry of safety and trust for a brighter tomorrow.”

Kevin Mullins


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Safer outcomes for officers and citizens. Innovation. Compassion. Unity.

At Wrap Technologies, we believe that only in a world where individuals have unwavering trust and confidence in public safety agencies to safeguard their personal safety and well-being can there be a sense of security and peace within communities.


  • Enhance law enforcement-community relationships

  • Prevent escalation and minimize conflict

  • Resolve situations safely

  • Reduce risk of injury

  • Increase confidence, removing hesitance

  • Mitigate liability and crisis management situations


Scot Cohen

Scot Cohen


Jared Novick - Wrap Technologies COO

Jared Novick

Chief Operating Officer

JD Methfessel - Chief Strategy Officer at Wrap Technologies

JD Methfessel

Chief Strategy Officer

Scot Cohen

Scot Cohen is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WRAP Technologies (NASDAQ: WRAP). Scot Co-Founded WRAP Technologies in 2016, after developing a passion for helping law enforcement and the communities they serve due to years of admiring his brother's work in public safety.

Scot has served in various capacities for WRAP since the Company's inception and played an integral role in leading all rounds of WRAP’s financing, totaling $90M. As the longest standing board member, Scot has led on M&A, capital markets, recruitment both inside and outside the boardroom, government affairs, and is a key driver of the Company’s push into wellness. He has over three decades of experience spanning multiple industries including institutional asset management, wealth management, and capital markets.

An entrepreneur at heart, Scot has worked with many fellow entrepreneurs and companies at all stages and sizes, both public and private, from initial idea to multi-billion-dollar public market capitalization, and has structured hundreds of tailor-made deals to help companies grow through various scenarios. Scot founded and served as Principal of the Iroquois Capital Opportunity Fund, a closed-end private equity fund which focused on investments in North American oil and gas. He also co-founded Iroquois Capital, a New York based hedge fund which managed approximately $300M of assets across its family of funds.

Prior to Iroquois Capital, Scot founded a merchant bank, which actively participated in structured investments in public companies. Scot is currently active on a number of company boards including Horizon Global and Charlie’s Holdings Inc. and is involved with various charitable ventures, including running his own charitable foundation that focuses on delivering mental health & wellness support, coaching and education to law enforcement and government officials.

Scot lives in Miami with his wife and two children.

Jared Novick
Chief Operating Officer

Jared Novick joined Wrap Technologies as COO in January 2024.

From June 2023 to December 2023, Jared served as Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Strategy and Special Projects at Sidus Space, Inc (NASDAQ:SIDU), where he oversaw diverse areas such as manufacturing, sales, product development, supply chain management, marketing, and human resources. Since 2018, he has also served on the Board of Advisors at BlueVoyant, where he also served as Head of Strategy from 2017 until 2018.

Before his tenure in public companies, Jared experienced success with two early-stage technology ventures, each culminating in notable exits. He co-founded and served as CEO of BitVoyant, a cybersecurity threat monitoring product and service provider for commercial enterprises, later acquired by cybersecurity unicorn BlueVoyant. Additionally, he founded and led CurvedSkies, serving as CEO of a professional services firm catering to classified U.S. Federal Government customers in the aerospace and defense sectors.

Jared's professional journey includes significant roles as a U.S. Intelligence Community Civil Servant and a contractor for Special Projects to the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He collaborated extensively with the U.S. Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense, and international partners to then deploy and operationally support critical National Security challenges across South America, Central-Asia and Africa.

In the early stages of his career, Jared trained as a NASA Aircrew Member, operating High-Altitude Technologies above 60,000 feet and necessitating NASA pressure suit operations. He has logged over 2,000 hours of flight time in various fixed-wing aircraft. During Operation Enduring Freedom, he accumulated over 400 combat flight hours while supporting special military units of the Special Operations community.

Jared actively contributes to board activities, including a gubernatorial appointment by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to the Department of Business & Professional Regulation.

Jared holds a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from the University of Florida in Gainesville.

JD Methfessel
Chief Strategy Officer

JD Methfessel joined Wrap Technologies in October 2023, and presently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer. With a diverse professional background spanning over 13 years, JD has held roles as an executive, entrepreneur, investor, and founder across various industries.

JD embarked on his career in capital markets at Nomura and Instinet, dedicating 7 years in trading across a spectrum of products including global equities, merger-arbitrage, and derivatives. In 2012, he began investing in early-stage companies, focusing on food & beverage, wellness, and consumer products. His enthusiasm for collaborating with founders at the intersection of entrepreneurship, investing, brand-building, and structured transactions led him to establish a family office that has participated in over 30 deals across 10 companies, raising over $15 million in capital through diverse debt and equity structures.

Among JD's notable seed-stage investments are Bluestone Lane, Barcode, Protiva, Caliwater, Cleanboss, and Chido. He has also participated in follow-on investments and served as an advisor or board member for several companies with a combined valuation exceeding $500 million based on their recent financing rounds. Additionally, in 2021, JD played a key role in securing a significant portion of the risk capital for Sizzle SPAC, a hospitality SPAC that remains active in the public markets.

In 2019, JD founded Daily Goods, which achieved a $3 million run rate within 15 months of launch and expanded operations from NYC to Florida. Due to Covid-related challenges, the venture was eventually wound down.

JD holds a degree from Vanderbilt University, and currently resides in Miami with his wife. In his leisure time, he enjoys running and spearfishing.


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