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BolaWrap is the New Restraint Solution for Buda, Texas Police

In line with the best practices of 21st-century policing, the Buda Police Department has issued the new BolaWrap solution to its patrol officers this month. This advanced restraint tool offers a non-lethal alternative to using force, ensuring compliance without pain or injury.

Key Highlights:

- Purpose: The BolaWrap is designed for use in situations involving individuals experiencing a mental health crisis, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or unresponsive to de-escalation techniques.
- Functionality: Upon activation, the device deploys a Kevlar cord with anchors, wrapping around the subject's arms or legs to temporarily restrain them, allowing officers to detain them without using force.
- Training: Buda patrol officers received comprehensive training, including a detailed classroom session and hands-on exercises.
- Successful Deployment: Chief Bo Kidd reported a successful use on May 5 during a mental health call, where the individual was safely detained and transported to a hospital without harm.
- Innovation: The BolaWrap represents the latest in police technology, providing officers with a valuable de-escalation option and contributing to early intervention strategies.

BolaWrap is the New Restraint Solution for Buda, Texas Police
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