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Fully-immersive virtual training for a better future of policing.

Wrap Realityscenarios

See our over 40 fully-immersive pre-scripted scenarios that help you train for better outcomes.


Fully-immersive virtual training for a better future of policing.

With Wrap Reality you can
Empower your officers to confidently
navigate high-stress situations

Welcome to the future of law enforcement training and operations. Wrap Reality is transforming the landscape of law enforcement, providing a highly immersive and effective training platform that helps officers prepare for real-world situations, de-escalate encounters, and make informed decisions.

Wrap Reality is an innovative VR solution that revolutionizes the way law enforcement experiences and interacts by combining cutting-edge technology with real world immersive experiences to create a dynamic and engaging environment that transcends the boundaries of traditional law enforcement training. At its core, Wrap Reality utilizes VR headsets and a variety of accessories to immerse officers in a virtual realm where they can gain invaluable insights through detailed, data-rich analysis to refine approaches and master skills.

Wrap Reality offers an extensive library of realistic training scenarios that mirror the challenges and complexities law enforcement officers face on the job. These scenarios range from active shooter situations and domestic violence incidents to traffic stops and community outreach. By experiencing these scenarios in a controlled virtual environment, officers can develop critical decision-making skills and emotional intelligence to effectively respond in the field.

Wrap Reality harnesses the power of immersive VR technology to create a lifelike, 360-degree environment. This technology transports officers into virtual settings, enabling them to interact with virtual civilians, suspects, and colleagues. The high level of immersion enhances training effectiveness, as officers can practice communication, conflict resolution, and tactical maneuvers in a safe and controlled space.

Wrap Reality doesn’t stop at training. The platform provides comprehensive performance data and analytics. Law enforcement agencies can track individual officer progress and use this data to identify areas for improvement and further refine their training programs. Embrace the future of law enforcement training with Wrap Reality and be part of the positive change in policing.



Wrap Reality provides law enforcement officers with highly realistic training scenarios. This immersive training allows officers to practice handling various situations, including high-stress and potentially dangerous encounters, in a controlled and safe environment. This can help improve their decision-making skills and reactions under pressure.

Preventing Escalation Through Realistic Scenarios
Wrap Reality's visionary pre-recorded scenario-based training replicates real-life situations, fostering critical decision-making skills. Officers navigate complex public safety interactions by emphasizing communication, de-escalation, and adaptive strategies.
Empowering Preparedness and Public Safety
Equip officers to make vital decisions in diverse situations with confidence. Wrap Reality fosters perpetual learning, facilitating real-time collaboration and teamwork through the ability to connect multiple sets.
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The variety of scenarios and the ability to act out de-escalation tactics enables the officers to practice ending situations without using deadly force. This fits right into our training regimen.

Chief David Lash

Chief David Lash

Northern York County Regional Police Department

My department utilized the Wrap Reality VR training system for several days prior to purchasing and was amazed how it places officers in real-life situations in a virtual environment.

Chief Frederick Dyroff

Chief Frederick Dyroff

Mahoning Township Police Department

Making sure officers know their implicit biases will help achieve this goal. Wrap Reality’s virtual reality training platform is a game changer for police departments.

Chief Henry A King

Chief Henry A. King Jr.

Edenton Police Department

No other simulator does as good a job at immersing the recruit in the scenario.

Chief Scott Knight

Chief Scott Knight

Chaska Police Department

Key Features

Empowering Preparedness and Public Safety

Equip officers to make vital decisions in diverse situations with confidence. Wrap Reality fosters perpetual learning, facilitating real-time collaboration and teamwork through the ability to connect multiple sets. Elevate officer capabilities to prevent escalation, minimize conflict and reduce risk of unnecessary injury, contributing to overall community safety.
Wrap Reality headset for law enforcement VR training
Wrap Reality full immersion

Full Immersion

Experience 360-degree threat vectors that bring the stress of the real world into the virtual space from every direction

Fresh, Quality Content

Choose from a library of over 40 training modules with pertinent real-world, real-time scenarios designed by police training expert

Top Skill Sets

Advance officer training in de-escalation, conflict resolution, use of force, process and procedure, and more

Innovative Technology

Leverage hands-on access to cutting-edge technology that’s compact, easy to transport, and quick to set up.

VR Wrap Reality experience

Law enforcement training scenarios

Wrap Reality VR training has emerged as an incredibly beneficial tool for law enforcement officers, offering several advantages that enhance their preparation and performance. Our scenarios offer unique law enforcement VR training by providing realistic, safe, cost-effective, and flexible training environments. Our innovative technology equips officers with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in complex, high-pressure situations while promoting accountability, diversity, and community engagement within the law enforcement profession.

Re-entry into society scenarios

Using Wrap Reality VR scenarios as a tool for inmates' reentry into society offers a range of benefits that can help improve their chances of successful rehabilitation and reintegration. Incorporating VR scenarios into inmate reentry programs can be a valuable addition to traditional rehabilitation methods, offering inmates a safe and effective way to develop crucial skills and improve their chances of successful reintegration into society.


Is Wrap Reality just a BolaWrap training platform?

No.  Wrap Reality creates a unique training environment for Public Safety agencies. The VR platform is used by command and training staff to support existing instructional curriculums, enabling practice of skills in use of force, de-escalation, observation, immersion, process and procedure, and more. The BolaWrap remote restraint is only one of many tools that can be used within the virtual training space.

How many scenarios are in the Wrap Reality training platform?

The Wrap Reality library of content currently contains over forty (40) pre-scripted training modules, in addition to our ADAPT module. ADAPT is designed to allow trainers the flexibility to customize the curriculum to the needs of their trainees.

How long does it take to learn how to use Wrap Reality?

Wrap Technologies provides two full days of hands-on, System Operator training on location at the customer agency.

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