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Expedite Justice with Integrity

Discover our body worn camera and efficient evidence collection and management solution.

Expedite Justice with Integrity

Discover our body worn camera and efficient evidence collection and management solution.

Expedite Justice with Integrity

Discover our body worn camera and efficient evidence collection and management solution.

Unlock the Power of Wrap Intrensic
Body-Worn Cameras and
Digital Evidence Management

Wrap Intrensic Body-Worn Cameras (BWC) and Digital Evidence Management (DEM) are two critical components in modern law enforcement and security practices. They play a crucial role in capturing, storing, and managing digital evidence, such as video and audio recordings for various purposes, including criminal investigations and maintaining transparency in public interactions.

The Wrap Intrensic X2 camera hardware and storage and data management capability, along with awareness of front-line operations, provides customers with a solution to meet the challenges. Wrap Intrensic Evidence on Cloud™ provides an unlimited video storage platform that includes video and other evidence uploading, search, retrieval, redaction, and evidence sharing while reducing the need for resources required to manage this evidence.

We have developed solutions to help all clients to stay ahead of the trend of evidence-based technologies, modern storage demands, including ICSS video, other captured video, audio files, reports, and PDF documents, integrated computer aided dispatch (CAD), and the drain on the budget that such needs invariably cause.

More recently, we introduced WrapAI, the latest addition to Wrap Intrensic. With WrapAI, we’re harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement operations. From predictive analytics to real-time insights, WrapAI empowers agencies to stay one step ahead and make smarter, data-driven decisions.


Enhancing accountability and transparency with Wrap Intrensic

In an era where accountability, transparency, and trust are paramount, law enforcement agencies and security professionals are turning to advanced technology solutions to fulfill their duties effectively. Wrap Intrensic, a pioneering name in law enforcement technology, has developed a cutting-edge system that combines body-worn cameras with state-of-the-art digital evidence management. This integrated solution promises to revolutionize how crucial information is captured, stored, and analyzed, empowering organizations to maintain the highest standards of accountability and transparency.
Body worn camera docking station
Body worn camera docking station

Effortless evidence capture and integration:

Experience the power of our state-of-the-art body-worn camera technology, seamlessly capturing real-time video. It goes beyond with photo-grab capabilities for still images without any disruption, alongside the flexibility to record audio-only evidence as needed. The amalgamation of video, snapshots, and audio recordings provides an impartial perspective, bolstering cases and contributing to just outcomes within the criminal justice system.

Wrap Intrensic’s Evidence on Cloud™ platform, featuring an open architecture, seamlessly interfaces with your existing technologies, including CAD (Computer-Aided Dispatch).

This integration streamlines the consolidation of digital evidence forms into a user-friendly Windows-based electronic case file. The process demands no extra specialized equipment, staff, or technological adaptations. Experience rapid, effective, and secure evidence management right at your fingertips.

Body worn camera docking station

Efficient evidence storage and management:

Wrap Intrensic empowers field officers to rapidly upload evidence from body cams through an accessible wireless charge and sync cradle. Instant, on-the-spot uploads are also possible for urgent situations. With Intrensic’s Evidence on Cloud™, storage limitations become obsolete. Quick access to files whenever and wherever needed is ensured, expediting legal proceedings for a swifter pursuit of justice.

The user-friendly interface and straightforward single-click operations of Wrap Intrensic’s technology ensure smooth adoption by law enforcement personnel. No extensive training, extra infrastructure, or incremental investment is necessary.

Body worn camera docking station

Evidence secured with confidence:

Secure, swift mobile cloud uploading and retrieval grant law enforcement the authority to regulate evidence file access and individual permissions. Intrensic maintains evidence integrity through heightened visibility, improved transparency, and controlled access, all backed by audit trails for both evidence and users.

The intuitive interface facilitates seamless case information management, encouraging efficient collaboration and saving invaluable investigation time. Privacy protection is a priority, with Intrensic offering redaction services for swift blurring or removal of sensitive information from video footage.

This ensures privacy without compromising evidence integrity. In all aspects, Intrensic empowers law enforcement to communicate, prioritize, and handle evidence with utmost precision, securing its admissibility and integrity in court proceedings.

Discover Intrensic BWC and Digital Evidence Management?>

Discover the benefits of Wrap Intrensic BWC and Digital Evidence Management

Our Wrap Intrensic solution focuses on helping your organization by providing undisputable clear-quality audio and video functionality fully integrated into CAD and cloud-based systems. Our solution integrates CAD with the new Wrap Intrensic X2 Body Camera hardware and merges it with Wrap Intrensic’s customized Evidence on Cloud™ evidence management platform that will enable you to fully realize the benefits of our cost-effective evidence management system to improve productivity throughout the entire department.

Most importantly, Wrap Intrensic will provide training and support for this new solution that will ensure your staff can ramp up quickly to realize your effectiveness and efficiencies agencywide.


The inclusion of HD video, unlimited storage, and a comprehensive redaction service proved to be significant factors that attracted us to Intrensic's offerings. Furthermore, their evidence management system has streamlined the process for our officers, supervisors, and prosecutors, ensuring effortless access to view video recordings.

Chief Lynn Hahn

Chief Lynn Hahn

Pea Ridge Police Department

Intrensic’s advanced search and retrieval functions have saved us countless hours, allowing us to quickly locate specific incidents and retrieve crucial evidence.

Sheriff Raymundo Del Bosque, Jr.

Sheriff Raymundo Del Bosque, Jr.

Zapata County Sheriff’s Office

Wrap Intrensic is an integral part of the Huron County Sheriff’s Office, from evidence collection to crime scene documentation.

Sheriff Todd Corbin

Sheriff Todd Corbin

Huron County Sheriff’s Office

Introducing WrapAI

Experience the future of law enforcement technology with WrapAI

WrapAI introduces cutting-edge technology to meet the growing needs of law enforcement agencies across the globe. Our suite of innovative solutions is designed to revolutionize how police departments and private security firms operate.

WrapAI for BWC and DEMS


Intrensic body worn camera for law enforcement

Body Worn Excellence

The Wrap Intrensic X2 body camera is a standout in the field of body-worn cameras. Not only is it lightweight and comfortable to wear, but it also boasts an impressive battery life that ensures it will last throughout an entire shift. But what truly sets the Wrap Intrensic X2 body camera apart is its ability to capture stunning high-resolution 1080p30 video and lifelike photos.

Wrap Intrensic Digital Evidence Management

Digital Evidence Platform

With our Digital Evidence Platform (DEP) on the cloud, you can streamline your bodyworn camera program without the need for additional staff, overtime, or dedicated positions. Our platform eliminates the need for manual coding, categorizing, processing, maintaining, and managing of your body worn camera program.

Wrap Intrensic body worn camera accessories

Klick-Fast Mounting

When it comes to mounting your body-worn camera (BWC), Klick-Fast offers the latest and most innovative options. Whether you prefer the traditional spring clip or want to try something new, like the N52 magnetic mounts, we have a wide range of options to suit your needs.

Wrap Intrensic Body Worn Camera with Dock

Charging and Uploading

Our charging and uploading dock provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for uploading media from your secure computer system. You can easily connect your computer to the dock and transfer files without the need for additional servicesor IT involvement. Transfer your files seamlessly and ensure that they are safely stored on your computer system.


Does Wrap Intrensic provide unlimited storage?

Yes. The platform provides unlimited storage with no fine print, With Wrap Intrensic Evidence on Cloud, we allow you to build as many categories as you need and set the retention time values to ensure you meet all requirements.

Storage is not limited to traditional body dash cams and stills from photos from your Wrap Intrensic devices, it also allows imports of documents, reports, ancillary photos, and media without ever having to worry about overage fees.

Does the platform provide case management?

Yes. Our Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) provides a comprehensive Case Management System that easily provides a way to consolidate evidence in a case and electronically share it with the prosecutor’s office. All users’ seats at the prosecutor’s office are included in the program.

What is WrapAI?

WrapIntrensic WrapAI is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) integration within the WrapIntrensic platform, designed to enhance the capabilities of law enforcement agencies in analyzing and interpreting digital evidence.

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