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BolaWrap is strategically engineered with our no-harm guiding principle to safely restrain individuals from a distance.

Wrap takes pride in sharing police BolaWrap bodycams showing our non-lethal device in action


Watch BolaWrap remote restraint in action from police bodycams.

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Wrapping Riots
in Non-lethal Solutions

In today’s rise of civil unrest, officers need to be ready with no-harm solutions like BolaWrap to control situations in a safe manner.


The BolaWrap remote restraint solution is a ground-breaking patented hand-held remote restraint device designed to provide an effective and safe way to restrain an individual. Utilizing patented technology, BolaWrap deploys a durable seven and a half-foot Kevlar® tether to temporarily restrain subjects from a distance of 10 to 25 feet.

Product specs
Under 2 oz (0.054 kg)
Energetic component
Zirconium Potassium Perchlorate (ZPP) – based propellantZirconium Potassium Perchlorate (ZPP) – based propellant
Sound volume
158-162 dB
Kevlar® cord length
7 ft 6 in +/- 1 in (2.3 meters +/- .1 meters)
Kevlar® cord strength
230 +/- 20 lb. (104 kg +/- 9 kg)
Wraps around body
1-3 times

with BolaWrap, you can:
Proactively prevent escalation.
Reduce use of force.

BolaWrap is a state-of-the-art, non-lethal remote restraint solution that allows law enforcement officers to safely and effectively immobilize individuals without causing physical harm. It was developed to address the need for less lethal alternatives, reducing the risks associated with traditional methods of subduing individuals.

BolaWrap’s design prioritizes safety by avoiding direct physical contact and minimizing injury risk for both officers and individuals. Its technology emphasizes immobilization rather than incapacitation, making it a suitable choice for non-violent conflict resolution.

In a world where community policing and de-escalation are more critical than ever, BolaWrap offers a crucial alternative to traditional methods. By choosing BolaWrap, law enforcement agencies can prioritize the safety of both their officers and the citizens they serve, while also building stronger relationships within their communities.

BolaWrap represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of non-lethal law enforcement tools. Its innovative design, ease of use, and safety features make it an invaluable addition to the arsenal of any modern police force. By adopting BolaWrap, law enforcement agencies can lead the way in ensuring a safer, more humane, and community-oriented approach to policing.


BolaWrap is a remote-restraint solution designed to help law enforcement safely and effectively restrain individuals without causing significant harm.

Minimize Use of Force
BolaWrap helps officers proactively prevent escalation and gain control, effectively diffusing situations and averting tragic outcomes.
Mitigate Risks
BolaWrap reduces injuries, limits liability and decreases complications for all involved - individuals, officers and bystanders.


Bolawrap's utility extends beyond its core device, as it offers a range of meticulously designed accessories that complement its functionality and provide law enforcement professionals with even greater control and flexibility in the field.
BolaWrap and cassette


Each BolaWrap 150 Cassette contains one 7 ft 6 in. Kevlar® cord, designed to wrap an individual from a range of 10-25 feet. Cassette installation is reversible and reloadable in 2-6 seconds.


The BolaWrap 150 Nylon Holster provides a versatile carry option. Made of wear-resistant and lightweight nylon material, the Nylon Holster is designed for durability and comfort. The Belt Loop attachment is adjustable and can simply be attached to or removed from- a duty belt, allowing the holstered BolaWrap to be easily exchanged among officers as shifts or assignments change, without removing other gear. This holster is also available with a MOLLE or Thigh Rig attachment option.


The Blackhawk Retention Holster was designed to secure the BolaWrap 150 with the retention level required by most departments. This holster offers distinct carry options and safety features without sacrificing fast access. The Belt Loop attachment is adjustable and can simply be attached to or removed from- a duty belt, allowing the holstered BolaWrap to be easily exchanged among officers as shifts or assignments change, without removing other gear. This holster is also available with a MOLLE or Thigh Rig attachment option.

All accessories

Wrapping Riots in Non-lethal Solutions

Empower your officers with the BolaWrap Protest Riot Pack

Excessive use of force or provocative actions by law enforcement can exacerbate a riot situation and lead to further unrest. When crowd control is of the utmost importance, equip your officers with the BolaWrap riot pack that restrains individuals without excessive use of force.

BolaWrap Protest Riot Pack


We advocate for BolaWrap, in hopes that every law enforcement agency will equip officers with this life-saving solution.

Jackie Welton DiPillo, Executive Director, WJW Mental Health Fund

Jackie Welton DiPillo

Executive Director, WJW Mental Health Legal Fund

BolaWrap is a tool that allows you to keep your citizens safe. BolaWrap doesn’t cause any harm and it’s a less-lethal tool that law enforcement should’ve had 20 years ago.

Chief Henry King, President NCACP and Chief of Edenton PD

Chief Henry King

President NCACP, and Edenton Police Department

As we try to explore new and innovative ways to do our jobs more effectively and more humanely, BolaWrap became a very attractive device for us.

Sheriff John Grismore

Sheriff John Grismore

Franklin County Sheriff's Office (VT)

Now we have BolaWrap to use to de-escalate things very rapidly.

Chief Joseph Deras

Chief Joseph Deras

Glenwood Springs Police Department (CO)

Trying to reduce officer-involved shootings and being able to have these options from different levels of force so having BolaWrap at a level 1 use of force and that just gives officers options in how they’re able to address a situation so they’re not hurting somebody.

Chief Adrian Diaz

Chief Adrian Diaz

Seattle Police Department (WA)

I like the fact that we are not using force against citizens if we don’t have to.

Deputy David Hoffman

Master Deputy David Hoffman

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

It's going to reduce litigation, it's going to reduce injuries to suspects and officers, so we are real excited about it.

Sheriff Gary Parsons

Sheriff Gary Parsons

Lee County Sheriff’s Office (VA)

Even if we have one case where we’ve prevented lethal force from having to be used, BolaWrap is worth the investment.

Sheriff Jim Hart

Sheriff Jim Hart

Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office

Our deputies have been effectively using BolaWrap to subdue aggressive individuals, resulting in fewer injuries to both officers and suspects. It enhances our ability to safely resolve potentially dangerous situations.

Sheriff Kevin Rambosk

Sheriff Kevin Rambosk

Collier County Sheriff's Office (FL)

Key features

BolaWrap is a non-lethal, remote restraint, law enforcement tool

BolaWrap is a remote restraint device designed to help law enforcement officers safely and effectively control those who are emotionally disturbed (EDP), passively resistant and non-compliant, mildly aggressive and non-compliant, in mental health crisis, suicidal, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, armed (not with a firearm), non-assaultive, non-compliant, and non-mobile.
BolaWrap remote restraint device for law enforcement

Remote Restraint System

BolaWrap is a handheld device that deploys a non-lethal restraint in the form of an 7.5-foot Kevlar tether towards an individual. It allows law enforcement officers to immobilize from a distance, reducing the need for physical confrontation.

Minimal Injury

BolaWrap is designed to minimize the risk of injury to both law enforcement officers and subjects. When the tether wraps around an individual’s legs or torso, it restricts their movement without causing significant harm.

Versatile Application

BolaWrap can be used in a variety of scenarios, including restraining individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis, under the influence, acting violently, or trying to evade law enforcement.

Minimal Pain Compliance

BolaWrap is intended to be less painful than alternatives like Tasers or pepper spray. It does not rely on pain compliance to subdue individuals, making it more suitable for situations where excessive force could be counterproductive.


The BolaWrap Remote Restraint solution is being used by agencies across the nation to safely take uncooperative suspects or non-responsive individuals in crisis into custody. BolaWrap’s surprising sound and ability to restrict an individual’s movement buys officers time and makes it safer for them to approach and gain control of individuals.


Attend or host a BolaWrap Instructor Certification course, access our Event Calendar, and find the Training Materials you need.

Wrap Training Academy for BolaWrap certification


What is BolaWrap?

BolaWrap® remote restraint device is a patented, hand-held pre-escalation apprehension tool for police that discharges a Kevlar® cord to restrain uncooperative suspects or nonresponsive persons in crisis from a distance.

BolaWrap’s surprising sound and ability to restrict an individual’s movement buys officers time and makes it safer for them to approach and gain control of individuals.

Situations between officers and uncooperative individuals are usually chaotic, and officers don’t have many effective options to handle them. Instead of waiting for an encounter to unfold and escalate, the use of BolaWrap can effectuate an arrest quickly, safely and humanely – ending the situation and facilitating a positive outcome that doesn’t result in injury or use of force.

In which situations should BolaWrap be used?

BolaWrap was designed to be used on non-compliant individuals who need to be detained but are not responding to verbal commands of officers. Before an encounter escalates to a point where lethal force is needed, BolaWrap can be deployed to help safely restrain an individual from a distance, without relying on inflicting pain to gain compliance.

Ultimately, each law enforcement or military agency creates their own policy and procedures for their agency to determine when BolaWrap should be used by their agency.

Wrap suggests the following scenarios for when BolaWrap deployment should be used:

  • Emotionally Disturbed Persons (EDP)
  • Passively resistant and non-compliant subjects
  • Mildly aggressive non-compliant subjects
  • Mentally ill subjects
  • Suicidal subjects/Persons in crisis
  • Subjects under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • Armed (not with a firearm), non-assaultive, non-compliant, non-mobile
  • SWAT operations

Is BolaWrap being used by law enforcement agencies today?

Yes. BolaWrap has been used on individuals in the field over 1,000 times by various law enforcement agencies across the globe.

In many instances, the mere presence of BolaWrap’s green line laser is enough to motivate the individual to comply.

In other instances, BolaWrap was deployed to successfully wrap and de-escalate the encounter, enabling the officer to take the individual into custody without harm to them, the officer, or others.

The shock factor created by the sudden wrap and the loud sound of BolaWrap being deployed greatly assisted in the de-escalation of many encounters.

To view bodycam videos of the BolaWrap in action, please visit wrap.com/bodycam.

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