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A community is a living entity requiring respect and cooperation to flourish. Members must believe their institutions are legitimate, their leaders fair, and the rules governing day-to-day interactions apply equally to all. “The variety of scenarios and the ability to act out de-escalation tactics enables the officers to practice ending situations without using deadly force.” ~Chief David Lash, NYCRPD

Suicide by Cop: How Law Enforcement Equipped with BolaWrap Could Save Lives
A police officer shot a woman three times after she charged at him with a knife in what she described as a suicide-by-cop attempt. Luckily, she survived. She believes that BolaWrap could've prevented her outcome and can help protect those experiencing a mental health crisis. Each year in the U.S., up to 30% of officer-related shootings involve suicide-by-cop incidents. Our technology is intended to mitigate these situations and help communities and law enforcement move forward together.
East Palo Alto, CA
Former MMA Fighter Shares His BolaWrap Experience
Former MMA fighter Eugene "The Wolf" Jackson found himself on the “wrong side of the law” when he was young. He has since turned his life around is now an active Youth Mentor in the community. While spending time with East Palo Alto's Police Chief, Jeff Liu, he wanted to be double wrapped with BolaWrap to get the full experience of our safer policing tool. Eugene went on to say, “I don’t want the kids I work with to be shot or tazed, but if they need to be detained, the BolaWrap is the way to do it. Chief, you have to buy these for our city.” BolaWrap is the way.
Criminal Justice Experts Review BolaWrap
Criminal Justice Experts take an up close and personal look at the BolaWrap non-lethal solution and believe that this device can help law enforcement avoid litigation and get individuals the help they need without excessive use of force.
Reporters Being Wrapped with BolaWrap
A host of reporter volunteer to be wrapped by the non-lethal solution BolaWrap and admit that, while startled by the sound, they felt no pain and would ultimately encourage law enforcement to carry the solution as part of their toolbelt.
Politicians Advocate for BolaWrap
US politicians review BolaWrap and discuss its efficacy in subduing individuals without pain and its capacity to bring community and law enforcement together.
Medical Professional Review BolaWrap
Medical professionals get the chance to see BolaWrap being demonstrated and speak to its positive outcomes for individuals suffering from mental health who may encounter law enforcement.

Our solutions provide non-lethal means to temporarily immobilize a potentially dangerous situation with minimal physical harm, enhancing safety for both individuals and police officers.

When maintaining law and order requires the use of force, it must be the minimum required to achieve the objective. A commitment to human rights and respect for individual dignity are hallmarks of a just and sustainable society.


Wrap Technologies empowers law enforcement and communities to move forward together.

When apprehending individuals, the intent is to immobilize without causing pain or injury. Tools must prepare officers to act quickly and responsibly in all situations. In the field, evidence collection and retention should strive for maximum accuracy, integrity, and transparency via the chain of custody.

Insist your leaders be proactive?>

Together, let’s make our future humane!

A community is only as strong as its citizens are vocal. Do you want to live where law enforcement values safety, restraint, and respect for individual rights? Then demand your leaders act. Alternatives to outmoded and counter-productive weapons are now available.


We are at a time of challenge in our community, this is a device we are looking at to make our policing model safer for our community and for our police officers.

Mayor Byron Brown

Byron W Brown

Mayor of Buffalo, NY

I see 70% of responses to emotionally disturbed persons that this would handle without a problem.

Mayor Eric Adams

Eric Adams

Mayor of New York City

I legitimately believe the device you have has the capacity to save lives.

Yvette Lewis NAACP

Yvette Lewis

NAACP, Hillsborough Chapter


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