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Greater Chennai Police can now snare fleeing suspects with BolaWrap – India

The Greater Chennai Police (GCP) are introducing remote restraint devices called BolaWrap, that are capable of entangling suspects from distances of 10 feet to 25 feet, representing a shift towards safer, non-lethal apprehension methods.

GCP plans to acquire 25 kits, each discharging an 7.5-inch Kevlar cord to immobilize individuals swiftly. Retired police inspector R Sakthivel welcomed the initiative, highlighting its potential to reduce injuries to officers and suspects.

Human rights activists, including Advocate S Jonas, are optimistic about the devices' potential to reduce abuses during apprehensions and challenge narratives in court regarding the use of lethal force.

Greater Chennai Police in India start using BolaWrap to ensnare fleeing suspects.
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