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Why Wrap Reality’s virtual reality training solution is breaking new ground in law enforcement training

As is well known, simulation training can replicate high-intensity situations like an active shooter incident but in a safe environment where mistakes can be corrected. Training under manufactured stress helps build muscle memory and resiliency, honing officers’ decision-making skills so the officer will be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally should they find themselves in a similar situation in the real world.

Wrap Reality’s fully immersive VR setup includes a VR headset, a computer system that allows the trainer to choose the branching options based on the training goals and performance of the trainee, and deactivated training weapons with the weight, operation and feel of the real thing.

Wrap Reality offers more than 40 immersive training scenarios that include not just active shooter incidents or situations like domestic violence calls that can escalate rapidly, but also scenarios where the officer can practice applying policies, laws and statutes, and skills like conducting an interview related to a criminal investigation.

Officers get so immersed in the training that they physically react to the stimuli. Elevated heart rate, sweating, even falling down when they forget that the vehicle they are trying to lean on is not actually there or leaning over to grab a virtual character who jumps off a bridge railing. That is the immersive power of VR that makes Wrap Reality the ideal 21st century training solution for law enforcement.

Wrap Reality VR training solution breaks new ground in law enforcement training
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