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Criminal justice, police experts weigh in on Palmetto Police use of force in tasing death

Despite being cleared of criminal wrongdoing by state authorities, the controversy surrounding the tasing death of Breonte Johnson-Davis by Palmetto Police officers continues. Criminal justice experts, reviewing police camera footage, criticized the officers' aggressive approach and lack of adequate training, sparking debates on police practices and the use of force, particularly Tasers.

Concerns arise about the appropriateness of Taser deployment in encounters involving unarmed individuals with behavioral health or substance abuse issues. Critics call for enhanced officer training and alternative non-lethal weapons like BolaWrap, which offers a painless method of restraint. Dennis Kenney, a criminal justice professor, highlights the challenges officers face in managing high-stress situations and advocates for expanded training and equipment options.

Palmetto Police Chief Scott Tyler defends the officers' actions, citing department policy and the need for restraint to ensure safety. Despite ongoing scrutiny, the department continues to rely on Tasers as non-lethal weapons, with numerous deployments reported.

Alternative options like BolaWrap are gaining attention as potential solutions to reduce reliance on pain-inducing force. Terry Nichols, a retired police chief, emphasizes the importance of embracing new technologies and training methods to meet evolving expectations from society and address systemic issues in law enforcement practices.

Police experts discuss taser death - BolaWrap emerges as the solution
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BolaWrap emerges as a safer alternative to traditional stun guns in police de-escalation efforts, particularly amid the ongoing mental health crisis in the United States.

Developed as a non-lethal method to restrain individuals, BolaWrap utilizes a seven-foot-long Kevlar line to wrap around subjects, providing a shock-and-awe effect without causing additional pain.

Former Police Chief Terry Nichols highlights its effectiveness and safety compared to other devices, with an 86% success rate reported by officers. The Detroit Police Department's crisis intervention team has adopted BolaWrap, recognizing its value in situations where traditional methods may escalate tensions. Nichols advocates for its widespread adoption among law enforcement to enhance safety during crisis interventions.


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