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Chief King: Making History in Edenton

Chief Henry King recognizes the necessity of enhancing the tools available to his officers. This is the driving force behind the Edenton Police Department being a pioneer in North Carolina by providing its officers with BolaWrap many years ago.

Such priorities underscore the unwavering dedication of Edenton's police department to the well-being of the individuals they serve. In the pursuit of community safety, a pivotal factor is having a police force that is not only present but also fosters positive relationships with the community, enforcing the law with humanity and fairness.

Building a police department that resonates with the hearts of the community goes beyond implementing fair procedures. It necessitates that every interaction between a police officer and any community member is guided by dignity and respect.

When the community recognizes that those entrusted with their protection genuinely believe in safeguarding them and are committed to fair and humane treatment, it establishes a foundation for strong and positive relationships between the police force and the community.

Chief Henry King, NCACP President, Edenton Police Department
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