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Wrap Launches “Wrap Reality ADAPT,” a New Module to Its Current Virtual Reality Law Enforcement and Corrections Training Platform

Wrap Reality ADAPT Designed to Deliver Greater Flexibility to Capture New Real World Training Situations New Module Includes Over 6,000 Different Customizable Combinations to Better Address New In-The-Field Situations for Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders

TEMPE, Arizona – October 13, 2022 – Wrap Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: WRAP) (“Wrap” or the “Company”), a global leader in innovative public safety technologies and services, today announced the launch of a major upgrade to its Wrap Reality virtual training software platform, called Wrap Reality ADAPT. Wrap Reality ADAPT delivers a customizable, instructional module with over 6,000 possible scenario variations, providing the most innovative, adaptable and immersive training solution for law enforcement.

Wrap Reality ADAPT allows variable real-world scenarios to be customized and conducted with the trainer acting as the voice of the subject through VR headsets. Users will be able to experience variable real-world scenarios where the situation is customized, and the subject’s voice is transmitted to create an immersive training experience. This formatting provides the highest level of engagement for trainees and allows for almost unlimited scripting and up-to-the-moment training possibilities, eliminating costly setup and teardown of older, traditional style scenarios created with live actors or hardware-built two-dimensional sets.

“Real world as well as in-the-field situations and experiences of law enforcement officers and first responders change almost daily, and advanced training solutions need to be able to readily capture, adapt and reflect those new experiences,” said TJ Kennedy, CEO of Wrap Technologies. “Providing law enforcement with the highest quality, most cost-effective and in-the-moment adaptable training to better protect them and their community is Wrap Reality’s mission. This enhancement to our world-class platform will provide a higher level of engagement for agency customers and a substantial return on their investment, financially and operationally. Wrap recognizes that virtual reality is the future of law enforcement and corrections training. With our new ADAPT offering, we are one step closer to creating that reality.”

About Wrap Reality

Wrap Technologies, through its subsidiary Wrap Reality, is an industry leader in Virtual Reality Law Enforcement Training. Wrap Reality provides realistic, easy to use, cost effective training software for Law Enforcement.

Wrap Reality Details:

  • Key components of Wrap Reality include over 38 different scripted branching scenarios
  • 4 different “Shooting Range” training modules
  • 3 “Active Shooter” training modules
  • 9 mentally ill subject de-escalation scenarios
  • 1 “Duty to Intervene” training scenario
  • 5 “Active Threat” training scenarios
  • Multiple verbal skills and situational awareness scenarios
  • New Customizable Training Module with over 6000 possible training variations through Wrap Reality ADAPT
  • All Wrap Reality Scenarios have several possible training “Objectives”

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