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WRAP CEO TJ Kennedy On Recent Tragic Events Across America

We need to support law enforcement officers in dealing with active shooter situations today

The devastating loss of life over the past few weeks in Buffalo, Uvalde, Laguna Woods, and Tulsa has all of us at Wrap reflecting on how we can be more impactful. We’re asking ourselves, “How can we create even more innovative and effective solutions to assist law enforcement in their active shooter responses?” We cannot allow active shooter situations to become the norm or something we ‘just get used to.’ Tragically, 36 innocent people lost their lives, with countless others harmed, in the above events, and it is scary to know that if it is happening in schools, grocery stores, places of worship, and medical facilities, it can happen anywhere.

At Wrap, we have created and are continuing to develop new technology that protects both our police officers and the communities they serve. Our mission is focused on saving lives and careers. Tools such as our BolaWrap® were built to be used before escalation ever occurs. We are deploying our robust virtual reality training platform to more communities and leveraging training scenarios influenced by law enforcement to better address the vast range of situations officers confront today.  

Wrap Reality® is a fully immersive police training simulator that offers real-time, real-world updates in exercises across a diverse selection of environments. Training in Wrap Reality covers everything from an officer’s decision-making and communication skills to their threat analysis, engagement, and de-escalation capabilities. Sadly, our library even includes training modules involving multiple active shooter situations. Wrap Reality provides in-depth debriefing features that allow trainers to walk officers through each decision they made during their response, from their word choice to their body language, providing real-time feedback to improve learning outcomes.

Training and equipping our law enforcement officers are the most important investments we can make in order to do our part. Police officers perform one of the hardest jobs on the planet, while putting their lives on the line every day. Training can significantly improve outcomes by providing access to new capabilities and increasing confidence through making challenging decisions in a safe environment before having to face them in the field. At Wrap, we directly support police departments by lowering the cost of training and increasing the capabilities of law enforcement. With more time dedicated to enhanced training, our professional officers will reinforce the community’s trust. We believe this is essential to maximizing relations between our police and the citizens they serve.

We want to thank our supporters and partners for joining us on this important journey of building more community engagement opportunities. We’re committed to continuing to develop more innovative law enforcement technology that helps officers be safer and more effective in their mission to protect our communities. We will not rest until everyone in law enforcement has the technology and tools they deserve.

Please join me in the support of our police and our mission to make their job of protecting us, easier.


TJ Kennedy
CEO, Wrap Technologies

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