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NC chief says BolaWrap could reduce harm, build trust

Chief Henry King, Edenton Police Chief and President of the North Carolina Chiefs of Police advocates for BolaWrap, a non-lethal restraint device, showcasing its effectiveness in law enforcement encounters.

Dominick Romano, an Edenton police officer, demonstrates the device's utility in apprehending a man in crisis. Chief King emphasizes BolaWrap's role in minimizing harm and enhancing officer-community relations. Edenton Police Department's pioneering use of BolaWrap in North Carolina underscores its potential for statewide adoption.

Chief King's proactive approach in securing BolaWrap funding and conducting training sessions reflects his commitment to innovative policing solutions. BolaWrap's global utilization further highlights its impact on law enforcement practices.

As more agencies nationwide embrace BolaWrap, including significant deployments in Fairfax, Virginia, and Detroit, its potential to de-escalate situations while ensuring officer and community safety becomes increasingly evident.

Chief Henry King encourages law enforcement to use BolaWrap
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New hope for police de-escalation: BolaWrap offers safer alternative to stun guns

BolaWrap emerges as a safer alternative to traditional stun guns in police de-escalation efforts, particularly amid the ongoing mental health crisis in the United States.

Developed as a non-lethal method to restrain individuals, BolaWrap utilizes a seven-foot-long Kevlar line to wrap around subjects, providing a shock-and-awe effect without causing additional pain.

Former Police Chief Terry Nichols highlights its effectiveness and safety compared to other devices, with an 86% success rate reported by officers. The Detroit Police Department's crisis intervention team has adopted BolaWrap, recognizing its value in situations where traditional methods may escalate tensions. Nichols advocates for its widespread adoption among law enforcement to enhance safety during crisis interventions.

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