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Experience the future of law enforcement
technology with WrapAI

Key features

WrapAI: The future is here

WrapAI introduces cutting-edge technology to meet the growing needs of law enforcement agencies across the globe. Our suite of innovative solutions is designed to revolutionize how police departments and private security firms operate.
Wrap Introduces WrapAI, Wrap Intrensic Groundbreaking AI functionality
WrapAI Auto-tagging

AI Auto-Tagging for Law Enforcement

Transform your video categorization and analysis with WrapAI's AI Auto-Tagging feature. Our state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms automatically identify and label objects, activities, and individuals within video content, reducing manual tagging time and resources. Ensure compliance with unique retention policies and save costs with optimized digital evidence storage.

WrapAI Video Redaction

AI Video Redaction

Enhance privacy and compliance with Wrap Technologies' AI video redaction feature. Automatically identify and redact sensitive information within recorded video footage, ensuring responsible and ethical use of video data by law enforcement agencies. Experience revolutionary privacy protection today.

WrapAI Voice Captured Text

Automated Transcription of Voice-Captured Video

Boost efficiency with Wrap Technologies' AI-driven transcription feature. Convert voice-captured video content into accurate and searchable text effortlessly, saving valuable time for law enforcement personnel. Enhance accessibility and analysis of recorded interactions for actionable insights with our innovative transcription solution.

WrapAI Contextual Search

AI-Assisted Contextual Content Search

Empower swift incident pinpointing with Wrap Intrensic BWC Solution's AI-assisted contextual content search feature. Identify and tag relevant contextual information efficiently, enabling law enforcement agencies to locate specific events within vast video databases. Accelerate investigative processes and support more effective decision-making today.


Does Wrap Intrensic provide unlimited storage?

Yes. The platform provides unlimited storage with no fine print, With Wrap Intrensic Evidence on Cloud, we allow you to build as many categories as you need and set the retention time values to ensure you meet all requirements.

Storage is not limited to traditional body dash cams and stills from photos from your Wrap Intrensic devices, it also allows imports of documents, reports, ancillary photos, and media without ever having to worry about overage fees.

Does the platform provide case management?

Yes. Our Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) provides a comprehensive Case Management System that easily provides a way to consolidate evidence in a case and electronically share it with the prosecutor’s office. All users’ seats at the prosecutor’s office are included in the program.

What is WrapAI?

WrapIntrensic WrapAI is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) integration within the WrapIntrensic platform, designed to enhance the capabilities of law enforcement agencies in analyzing and interpreting digital evidence.

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